Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose CCC&R to improve my rental property?
A: When making your choice in real estate management companies it is important to choose experience. By choosing us, you not only gain our 50+ years of operational expertise for the day-to-day operations of your building but also our familiarity and expertise during tougher times such as heavy maintenance and evictions. Our focus is to make sure your income property does exactly what it's intended to do: produce income.

Q: Increasing collections? How?
A: The key is methodical consistency. By setting the precedent that collections are indeed due on the 1st of the month, it makes tenants used to the habit of paying on time. If a tenant is late, we charge and collect the late fee as per their agreement. In addition to requiring on time payment, we also generate and provide rent increase notices and SCEP fee notices as per their rental agreements to keep collections current.

Q: What is your competitive advantage in leasing?
A: Our market experience and knowledge help us achieve a competitive advantage. We are constantly training our staff and on-site managers to keep their knowledge up to date. Being in Southern California, we have plenty of bilingual staff to help us understand the needs of our tenants more effectively.

Q: Why is your maintenance service better than that of your competitors?
A: Over the years we have kept up with proper building codes and are constantly improving our processes. Our major cost benefit is derived from our ability to leverage economies of scale. Our portfolio is always growing and we have developed supplier partnerships over the years to obtain materials at competitive costs. Inevitably there are times when we must find third party vendors for specialized projects but we have also developed solid relationships with qualified professionals.

Q: How will I know what is happening with the property?
A: Here at CCC&R we understand that hiring a management company is a big decision with a foundation based in entrusting one of your major assets in the hands of another. By offering access to our rent roll software, we strive for complete transparency regarding income and expenses. Our goal is to provide comfort in knowing that your property is being looked after by seasoned professionals through our easy to use tracking software.

Q: Who can help me?
A: Any of our knowledgeable staff members can assist with your inquiries.

Our market knowledge, legal expertise, and operational abilities are second to none.

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