Investment Programs

Single Family

At the present time, we are offering the following programs that cater to investors interested in investing in single family properties.

I. Property Management/Improvement Program
If you already own a single-family home in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, we would be happy to perform a free evaluation of your property. We have extensive experience in rehabilitating, leasing, and managing single-family homes, as well as multi-family units. In today's market, many owners are having trouble selling their single-family homes, but we can help. Some clients express a desire to "ride out the bad real estate market." But once we rehabilitate and rent the home - and the income is covering the mortgage - clients seem happy to keep their single-family homes.

II. Private Mortgage Program
In the fall of 2008, we acquired several single-family homes in the San Fernando Valley at REO prices. Since then we have rehabilitated and rented these homes, with rent sufficient to cover operating expenses and mortgage costs. Nevertheless, we have not yet financed these properties. We are interested in finding investors willing to give us a private mortgage at 6% secured by the property and guaranteed by one of our real estate companies. Aside from earning interest, our private lender would receive 50% of the appreciation in the properties' value when we sell the properties.

III. Joint Venture Program
We intent to acquire additional single-family homes, preferably REOs in the San Fernando Valley and Southern California metropolitan area. Our joint venture would provide the entire acquisition costs. One half of this cost would be a private mortgage from our joint venturer at 6% secured by the property and guaranteed by one of our real estate companies. The other half would be an equity investment. In lieu of a management fee, we would retain a 50% equity state in the property. When we sell the properties, we will repay the loan and distribute the profits.

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