Property Management

CCC&R Property Management has a proven track record of success. With our team, you can be confident that we know how to make your property more efficient and more profitable.

Screening: We perform complete credit checks and adhere to strict equal housing guidelines.

Collections: On average, our occupancy rate in Los Angeles is 99% and our collection rate is above 97% even during difficult times.

Leasing: Our network of local staff and partners can make a vacant unit ready quickly, minimizing down time to make sure your properties are generating income. We are consistently marketing our properties to make sure we have a constant flow of new potential renters.

Higher Rent: Over time, we would suggest modest upgrades to maximize rent potential and to keep up with the changing marketplace. As units get upgraded, we can command higher rents with features such as granite countertops, engineered wood flooring, and porcelain tile.

Lower Costs: Upgrading units with certain luxury features not only makes tenants more willing to pay higher rent, but it also reduces long-term maintenance costs. Our material cost is significantly lower as we have exclusive distributor agreements and economies of scale, and we’ll pass the savings on to you..

Transparency: We believe in transparency regarding revenue and expenses. Using our proprietary online rent roll software, you are able to monitor collections at any time. Monthly itemized monthly statements are provided so that you will be able to see where your money goes. Prior to any proposed projects we will discuss with you the costs and benefits in advance to involve the owner in the decision making process.

Standardization: While management companies rely on their on-site managers to do tenant notices, we generate all tenant notices in our corporate office. This centralization encourages timely handling of any notices so that your tenants get immediate feedback and reminders.

Fees: Our management fees range from 4% of collections for larger apartment complexes to 10% for single family residences where more individual attention is needed. Labor charge is $40 per hour with variations on rush orders when more staff is needed. We provide materials for maintenance jobs at cost. In the event where we need to involve third party vendors we will obtain three quotes to make sure they are competitive.

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Our market knowledge, legal expertise, and operational abilities are second to none.

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